“that they wrote a book with such beautiful prose and such scientific gravity is an act of love for the reader.  It is well worth the read.  I learned.  It is an act of love.”

    --  Father John Manuel, St. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Cathedral,

        Richmond, VA

“Following Dittany along her journey from observing, to “seeing”, to becoming conflicted is reflective of the journey that many have had.  The Labrys tells her story ... her resolve to go forward knowing that “everything will be different.”  While it is one thing to follow the heart, it is most important that there be the research, data, deduction, and decision through which the heart finds its path.”

    -- David Kovacs, Planner, Environmentalist, Student of the Osher Institute,

        University of Richmond, Richmond, VA

“At the heart of this story is the message that young people have the power to alter long held beliefs in a community and to positively affect change in the world. This is a book that appeals to both young and old alike and is a joy to read.”

     -- Evelyn Zak, EZYoga & Yoga Therapy, Eastern Shore, VA

Critical Acclaim for The Labrys

The Authors

Eugene G. Maurakis, Ph. D. serves as the Director of Science Education and Museum Scientist at the Science Museum of Virginia and as Adjunct Professor at the University of Richmond.  He is the author of more than 65 publications in biodiversity, environmental issues and behavioral ecology and has directed numerous natural and oral history documentaries.  His first hand experiences with environmental issues in Greece led to the first assessments and publications in human health risks related to contaminated fishes in Greece and served and the conceptual seeds for The Labrys. Dr. Maurakis has presented his research in the United States and in Greece.

Penelope G. Maurakis, B.F.A., M. Ed. is an early childhood exceptional education teacher and has accompanied her husband, Eugene, during his environmental research trips.  She is passionate about the power of education to provide an understanding of critical environmental issues worldwide and the necessity to protect the environment and human health.

The Labrys is the result of their three-year collaboration to create a fictional story that makes science research accessible and interesting to a wide audience.